We’re super excited to announce a new partnership that’s close to our hearts – and close to home! Rowan Glen is teaming up with the wonderful Oakhill Café & Deli to bring our fresh, high-quality yogurts to the local community. This means you can now easily find our yogurts just a few miles from our production site.

Alan Baxter, our Managing Director, couldn’t be happier about this new partnership, “Partnering with Oakhill Café & Deli is fantastic for us. We’ve never had a factory shop, so having a trusted local outlet like Oakhill is the next best thing.”

The Perfect Local Match

Nestled next to Historic Scotland’s Carsluith Castle, Oakhill Café & Deli has quickly become a favorite spot for both locals and tourists. They’re known for their artisan fine foods, deli items, charcuterie meats, and smoked fish – all sourced locally. Their dedication to quality and hospitality makes them the perfect place to showcase our delicious yogurts. Suzy and Eshan, the lovely owners of Oakhill Café & Deli, share our excitement: “We’re passionate about supporting local businesses, so working with Rowan Glen, just a few miles away, is fantastic.”

Supporting Our Community

Together Both Rowan Glen and Oakhill Café & Deli are all about supporting the community and highlighting the best our region has to offer. This partnership is a big deal for us. While our yogurts are available in many supermarkets and stores across Scotland, there are still places where you can’t find them. This collaboration helps bridge that gap, making it easier for locals to enjoy their favourite Rowan Glen yogurt.

What’s on Offer

You can look forward to finding these delicious products at Oakhill Café & Deli:

This partnership celebrates the vibrant and cooperative spirit of Dumfries and Galloway, showing how local businesses can thrive together while promoting quality, sustainability, and community values. We can’t wait for you to try our yogurts at Oakhill Café & Deli!