It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since Rowan Glen embarked on its exciting new chapter as an independent business. It’s been a whirlwind, fuelled by the incredible support of our community and the tireless efforts of our dedicated team. This past weekend, we celebrated this momentous occasion with a joyous team gathering, complete with laughter, food, drinks, and even a bucking bronco (because why not?).

Remember 2022? That was the year Rowan Glen faced closure until production has got underway again after a successful management buy-out was agreed upon. Under the leadership of Managing Director Alan Baxter, with the invaluable support of the South of Scotland Enterprise. This pivotal moment was further bolstered by the arrival of Sales & Marketing Director Richard Allison. Alan and Richard bringing a combined 70 years of experience in the Scottish food industry to the table. Managing Director Alan Baxter said,

“Rowan Glen’s comeback was only possible because of our amazing team and partners. Their hard work and support were crucial in our restart. I’m deeply thankful to everyone involved. We’ve not just preserved Rowan Glen’s legacy, but we’ve also pushed it to new heights.”

We take great pride in continuing the Rowan Glen legacy that started back in 1993. Everyone at Rowan Glen is very appreciative of the assistance and support afforded by previous incumbents Dale Farm who had owned the site since 2003. And what a legacy it is! Since 1993, Rowan Glen has been synonymous with delicious yogurts and desserts, a family favourite enjoyed by generations of Scottish shoppers. We believe the secret lies in our commitment to using local, high-quality ingredients and crafting products that are simply irresistible. After all, when we hear reviews like “Banging yogurts!” or “Not a huge yogurt fan, but this one hits the spot,” we know we’re doing something right.

It all starts young, with school children enjoying our smoothy yogurts at lunchtime, discovering the delightful taste of Rowan Glen early on. For others, their first encounter might be in a hospital setting, savoring a comforting cup of Rowan Glen yogurt. Then, of course, there’s the retail magic – families of all sizes reaching for our range of yogurts and desserts on supermarket shelves. We’re incredibly proud that numerous retailers have welcomed Rowan Glen back with open arms in 2023, their trust and loyalty fueling our journey.

2023 has been nothing short of transformative for Rowan Glen. Our loyal customers have spoken, and their desire to see our products readily available in their local stores has not gone unheard. Retailers have responded swiftly, and we’re immensely grateful for their support in bringing Rowan Glen back to the forefront.

The next 12 months promise to be even sweeter, with a focus on significantly increasing Rowan Glen’s brand presence and driving demand for our delicious products. We have ambitious plans to ramp up our marketing efforts, launching strategic campaigns and initiatives to amplify brand awareness and actively engage with our customers. Their feedback is invaluable, helping us refine and improve our offerings, making Rowan Glen better than ever before.

So, here’s to raising a glass (or a spoon!) to one year of an independent Rowan Glen. We’re incredibly grateful for the journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Rowan Glen. Join us on this exciting adventure, and be sure to keep an eye out for even more deliciousness to come!