At Rowan Glen, we’re thrilled to announce a significant step forward in our commitment to our employees’ well-being and fair compensation. We’re excited to share that we have achieved accreditation as a Living Wage and Living Hours employer, reflecting our dedication to providing fair wages and stable working hours for our team.

Rowan Glen Employees with Living Wage and Living Hours Signs

Why Living Wage Matters to Rowan Glen

At Rowan Glen, we believe that our employees deserve more than just a paycheck. We recognise the importance of fair compensation that aligns with the real cost of living, which is why we have embraced the Living Wage initiative. By joining over 14,000 UK businesses in this commitment, we’re ensuring that our team members can afford their everyday needs.

Ensuring Fair Compensation

Under the Living Wage accreditation, every individual working within Rowan Glen, from our production workers to administrative staff, all will receive a minimum hourly wage that reflects the true cost of living. This ensures that our employees are fairly compensated for their hard work and dedication, fostering a workplace culture of respect and financial security.

Providing Stability with Living Hours

In addition to fair wages, we’re proud to guarantee secure working hours and shift patterns for our valued employees. With Living Hours accreditation, we’re ensuring that our team members have stability in their work lives, allowing them to plan their lives and fulfil their responsibilities outside of work.

Our Commitment to Employee Well-being

Our decision to become a Living Wage and Living Hours employer aligns with our broader mission of supporting our team members and fostering a workplace environment where every individual can thrive. By prioritising employee well-being and financial security, we aim to set a precedent for responsible business practices within the dairy industry and beyond.

With this accreditation, Rowan Glen reaffirms our commitment to our workforce, ensuring that every employee receives a fair and sustainable wage that reflects the true cost of living. As a Living Wage and Living Hours employer, we remain dedicated to promoting the prosperity and dignity of our employees, setting a standard of excellence for the industry and the community at large.